Graduate success

At AMES - The Institute of IT, we pride ourselves on providing our students with the highest quality, up-to-date, industry relevant IT training in New Zealand. With exclusive employment support such as our External Relations Co-ordinator and Graduate Platform we are seeing our students walk into the IT jobs of the future!


Jeremy Williams

Workplace: Rocket Lab
Role: IT Support Intern
Course: Diploma in Computing and Network Support

Why did you choose AMES to study at?
A friend of mine went through the program and told me that what he learned was extremely valuable.

How did AMES prepare you for the workplace?
Although the workplace is far more complex than a classroom environment can prepare you for, AMES gave me the core skillsets needed to allow me to provide value to my employer in the way of qualifications and hands-on experience.

With the rate of change in IT, do you feel you learnt the skills you needed to adapt from AMES?
I would agree, yes. My tutors live and breathe technology. Being around this mindset really prepared me for the kind of passion and involvement required to adapt to an ever changing industry.

What's it like to work for Rocket Lab?
It's extremely fast paced, and there's a lot to do, but at the same time I learn so much every day and feel a sense of purpose in what I do.

What's your job title and what does it entail?
My job title is officially IT Support Intern.  But my role involves everything from desktop support, through to server administration to network administration.

What is one life lesson you've learned in relation to your career?
The life lesson I take with me every day is this - you can't control how a situation will pan out completely, but you can control how you react to it. You won't know everything in the first month, and things will go wrong sometimes. Learn from it and move forward. Don't dwell on your mistakes, there's not enough time for that!

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Workplace: Bespoke IT Solutions
Role: Systems Engineer
Course: Diploma in Cloud Technology

I decided to study at AMES because I liked the way the course content was structured. Most of my assessments were 100 percent practical, which suited me well. At AMES you work hands-on with technologies that you’ll be working with when you get out into the IT industry.

What were the highlights of your studies?
I enjoyed the practical learning – it has given me the ability to grasp any type of technology that comes my way. I also appreciated the freedom AMES gave me around my schedule - but best of all I loved all the cool people I met along the way.

Did AMES connect you with industry employers?
Yes! AMES helped me find a job straight away. Within one week of finishing my studies I had a phone interview, and I started full-time employment a few weeks later. AMES not only found me a job, but also made sure that the employer and I were the right fit for each other.

Tell us about your new role.
As a Systems Engineer for Bespoke IT Solutions I get to work with a wide range of technologies such as Windows Server, VMWare, Azure, AWS and Office 365. My employer provides me with all of the resources and knowledge that I need, which is great, and I’m learning new skills every day. I really enjoy the fact that I have a supportive employer who wants me to succeed and help grow the business.


Workplace: Carter Holt Harvey
Role: Service Desk Analyst
Course: Diploma in Networking

What was studying at AMES like?
It was different to a normal school or university – classes were small and training was very hands-on and practical. The small classes meant making friends with classmates and tutors was more meaningful and this assisted greatly in creating a conducive learning environment. The course was at an accelerated learning pace and the exams weren’t some big daunting task, allowing for easier and faster access to steps on the job ladder. Apart from the fundamentals of the three certifications I studied, I also graduated with a more in-depth understanding of IT structures within companies.

Did you work on any industry projects during your studies?
We had the opportunity to assist in setting up the computers for Armageddon Expo 2017’s Overwatch tournament. It was a simple task but allowed us to make valuable industry contacts.

Tell us about your current job.
I work for Carter Holt Harvey as a Service Desk Analyst. This role has given me the opportunity to do some desktop engineer projects (such as travelling to some of our sawmill sites and upgrading SOE PCs to a Windows 10 image). When I’m not doing project work, I’m generally sitting at a desk answering phones and emails and updating knowledge base articles. I enjoy the customer interaction and troubleshooting issues, as they help me learn about new IT industry trends and improve my problem solving knowledge.



Rowan Kendrick

Workplace: South Seas Film & Television
Role: IT Technical Support
Course: Diploma in Cloud Technology

What was your biggest motivation to study?
"The growth of the Cloud Technology sector is rapidly growing globally, and I want to be part of that growth here in New Zealand."

What are your top three things about studying at AMES?
-       The staff are amazing
-       The unique learning approach mixed with practical and theory
-       My fellow classmates

Raheem Qazi

Workplace: SecureCom
Role: Support Engineer
Course: Diploma in Cloud Technology

What was your biggest motivation to study?
"I wanted to learn practical skills that would help me jump into a career in the IT industry"

What are your top three things about studying at AMES?
-       Great tutors
-       Hands-on learning environment
-       Making some good friends



Gorgoon Jeravongaram (Ice)

Workplace: Circle IT
Role: Onsite IT support
Course: Diploma in Cloud Technology Level 7

What is your biggest motivation to study a cloud technology course? 

As technology is moving forward and most of applications are going to be cloud-based, to work in this industry I chose to update my knowledge to be able to start a career in IT and better understanding of the industry.

How did you find out AMES and why did you choose to study at AMES?

1) Knowledgeable tutors, Microsoft international recognised courses and the job support from AMES staff for entering the IT market

2) And there’s a Pearson examination on site at AMES.

3) Having the accommodation facilities on campus helped me and other international students build friendship.

Shimmy Mallonga

Workplace: FoodStuffs Limited
Role: Dev Ops Engineer
Course: Diploma in Cloud Technology Level 7

What is your biggest motivation to study a cloud technology course? 

Cloud is the trend of the market! I started to follow cloud industry news and information before I enrolled with AMES.

What are your top three favourite things about the studying at AMES?

The onsite exam centre- very handy to have the exam centre here at AMES.

I enjoy my class and the tutor too. We’re a very close group and I learned a lot from my tutor. P.S. I enjoy the monthly pizza gathering of my class too!


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Amir Saeed Arefi

Workplace: Metlifecare
Role: L1/2 Service Desk Analysis 
Course: Diploma in Cloud Technology Level 7

What is your biggest motivation to study a cloud technology course? 

Cloud is where the IT industry is heading. Learning the newest trends and technologies in the IT industry. 

What are your top three favourite things about the studying at AMES?

The course material that were mostly relevant to current industry trends. Access to international examinations i.e Microsoft exams.

The top-notch hardware that were installed for us halfway through the course.

Kyle- Christopher Keyter

Workplace: Waiora Pacific Limited
Role: Senior Systems Engineer
Course: Diploma in Cloud Technology Level 7

What is your biggest motivation to study a cloud technology course? 

I have six years experience in the field and wish to continue along that path. All my experience is Unix based, so I felt that completing a Microsoft based course on competing technologies would be to my benefit.

What are your top three favourite things about the studying at AMES?

The culture, the people, and the convenient location of the building.


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Joe Pearson

Workplace: NATC – NZ & AUS Technology Company
Role: IT Help Desk Support
Course: Diploma in Cloud Technology

You have recently graduated from AMES’ Diploma in Cloud Technology (Level 7). How did you enjoy it?
Before starting at AMES I was working towards a Level 5 Diploma in PC Support with another provider, but AMES offered me so many more possibilities, so I enrolled there to study Cloud Technology. I learnt a lot about how Private Cloud interacts with companies, as well as how to use and configure many services that are installed on servers, desktops and mobile devices. I made some great friends too! Everyone at AMES was so nice and friendly. There was always support when I needed it and the course content was easy to understand.

Did AMES help you find a job?
They absolutely did! In fact, I’m currently working in IT Help Desk Support for a new IT support company called NATC. AMES lined up the interview for me. My role is to fix IT-related problems for our customers, such as desktop and server issues. Most of the work is carried out remotely however on occasion I go into workplaces to resolve issues onsite. I’m really enjoying it. No two days are ever the same and the people I work with are really friendly.

How well have your AMES studies prepared you for the workplace?
Without the skills I gained at AMES I would not be where I am today. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t use the multitude of skills I gained from my AMES diploma studies. Level 7 equipped me with the next level of knowledge and expertise and from here I hope to climb up through the ranks in the IT industry.

Jonathan Ellis

Workplace: Optimism
Role: Digital Developer
Course: Diploma in Web & Application Development

Tell us about your AMES studies.
I enrolled on AMES’ Diploma in Distributed Software Development because I wanted to gain some formal training. Although I’m constantly upskilling myself and taking online courses in my free time, formal training enabled me to dedicate more of my time to studying and learning. I really enjoyed my AMES studies. The tutors were knowledgeable with plenty of practical experience and I loved learning alongside others and working on projects with real world applications.

My diploma covered SQL servers, software development and web application development. These were all Microsoft accredited courses and I had the opportunity to pursue Microsoft Certification in these areas. The knowledge I gained about how web applications work as a whole, and all the pieces that go into the front and back end of web applications, has proved to be invaluable.

Did you get to work on any industry projects during your studies?
Yes! We had several final projects that were a great way to apply what we had learnt. The best one was the DigitalX E-Commerce Web Application built using ASP.NET MVC and Bootstrap with SQL database integration. It was helpful to build something from scratch that incorporated many different aspects and was a great real world example of a web application.

How has studying at AMES enhanced your career?
Studying at AMES deepened my understanding and gave me practical experience in building web applications. I now use these skills in developing many different types of projects. Also, through AMES I heard about different opportunities within the industry, and the training and qualifications I received helped me land a good job.

I’m now working as Digital Developer for Optimism, a company which  creates interactive online learning experiences to help employees become more competent and capable in their workplace. It’s great because I get to design and develop a wide range of projects. My work involves many different aspects of creating user-focussed experiences including creating concepts, designing user flows, building prototypes, creating many different types of assets (such as videos, graphics and illustrations), and developing the final implementation.

From here my goal is to keep developing my abilities in designing and building user-focussed applications that have real impact. I hope to always be a lifelong learner and mentor others.

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