Although gaining popularity, the phrase “the Internet of Things” is still a bit of a mystery to most people. Despite this, the potential impact it could have on our personal and professional lives is immense!

So, we’re going to try and answer the question that a lot of people are asking; What exactly is the internet of things? And how could it affect you?

So, what is it?

Put simply; the Internet of Things is all about increased machine-to-machine communication.

That may sound a bit futuristic (even a bit Skynet to some), but it’s happening all over the place and at a rapid rate.

In the next four years there’s projected to be over 25 billion connected devices according to analyst firm Gartner.

Smart energy

An example of this machine-to-machine communication can be seen in the energy sector in the way we are starting to heat our homes.

Increasingly, smart thermometers are being used to help monitor our energy usage so that we can use it more efficiently, saving us a nice amount of money on our energy bills.

Smart cities

We’ve all heard the term ‘smart phone’? Well, when it comes to the Internet of Things we’re hearing more and more people talk about the possibilities of smart cities. That’s things like…

  • Intelligent and weather adaptive street lighting that saves energy by only burning for as long, and as brightly, as required.
  • Smart roads, with warning messages about congestion, accidents and other unexpected events.
  • Waste management monitoring, allowing for optimised rubbish collection tailored to individual sections of the city.

That’s pretty next level! The options are endless.

Smart transport

One of the more popular areas of discussion is transport. We’ve all heard about Google’s Self Driving Car Project and the rumoured Apple Car, haven’t we?

Both companies are looking to take personal transport to the next level, and that will involve a lot of machine to machine communication to get right.

Security concerns

The Internet of Things could become more prevalent in our day to day lives as well, affecting such areas as our workplace and businesses, and even healthcare.

But one of the major sticking points when these types of things come up is security, and rightfully so. We live in a world where security issues are rampant when it comes to our online lives, so why would the Internet of Things not be subject to similar problems?

The sheer amount of data that would be passed between the billions of connected devices in itself could cause issues with storage, tracking and analysing.

So, security and data is definitely a hot topic in this discussion and is something that will have to be addressed seriously and soon!

Where to from here?

At the moment, the Internet of Things is still in its infancy, and there’s a lot that we don’t know yet. Much of the mystery will take time (and lots of developers), as technology provides us with answers to the questions that we don't even know today.

One thing is for sure, though, it’s an exciting future that we’re looking at, and IT and technology are growing from strength to strength.

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