Around a month ago HTC released the Vive, a virtual reality headset that uses “room scale” technology to transform your living room into a 3D space.

Using sensors that map your physical location, you can walk around and interact with the virtual environment, through motion-tracked hand-held controllers.

Taking this a step further, the guys at Manus VR (a Dutch startup) are developing the very first consumer glove designed specifically for VR.

Fully compatible with the HTC Vive and with a dev-kit version due to ship sometime later this year, the Manus VR glove can track the movements of the entire arm, from bending your elbow to flexing your fingers.

This is a pretty substantial step forward, as most VR experiences use the “floating hands” concept, where your actual arms can’t be seen in the VR environment, which can ruin the immersive experience a little.

Manus VR Lead Designer Stijn Stumpel said that “it feels extremely immersive to see your arms transformed in VR. It adds an extra layer to the feeling of body presence”.

Video footage of Stumpel demonstrating the full arm tracking capabilities on the HTC Vive can be found below. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no word on the release date of the consumer version.

The Manus VR glove is simply a small example of the exciting future ahead in the IT industry.

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