The IT industry is highly competitive, and you really do need every edge you can get when you’re chasing that dream job.

Your CV is the first thing a recruiter or employer sees, so it’s crucial that you make a great impression. A mediocre or standard CV won’t be enough to get you to the interview stage.
Below are five solid tips that will make your CV kick-ass and get noticed above the rest.

1. Focus on your technical skills

Remember that the people looking to hire you are probably receiving loads of CV’s every day, so you need to catch their eye. One way of doing this is by making your skill set easy to find and understand. 

Most recruiters have a general idea of what skills they need a candidate to have, and they don’t want to waste time going through pages to find them.

Put your technical skills right up-front and make their job easier.

2. Experience before education

This obviously depends on your level of experience, but if you already have some great work experience, you’ll be wanting to put that above your education.

Education is definitely important, but most employers are more interested in what you’ve done in the “real world”.

3. Hobbies & out of work activities

Found in nearly all CV’s, these really aren’t required unless you’re talking about something relevant to the position you’re applying for.

While you may find it worthwhile to mention how you enjoy crime novels and socialising with friends, it won’t matter to your potential employer.

If you have a particular interest in app design or enjoy contributing to open source projects in your free time then definitely mention it, as it’s relevant to the industry and shows that you don’t just leave work and binge on Netflix every night.

4. Spelling & grammar

A complete no-brainer, right? You’d like to think so, but this isn’t always the case.
There are loads of CV’s out there with absolutely cringeworthy spelling and grammar, and the owners of those CV’s aren’t doing themselves any favours by sending them to potential employers.

You can be the most qualified person for the job, but if you’ve managed to misspell your hometown or the name of your old University you’re most likely not going to get that job.

5. Don’t give too much information

It’s very easy to ramble on for ages when creating your CV, but you really don’t want to provide too much information.

As mentioned, your potential employer is going to be looking through a whole load of CV’s and they’ll appreciate those which are short and sharp.

Ideally, you’d be aiming for your CV to be between two and four pages long. You don’t want to go any longer than that, and if you’re relatively new to employment, you should only pad your CV out to around two pages or so.

What you do want to do though is read over the job ad and make sure that your CV is applicable and answers any initial questions a potential employer may have.

6. Writer a covering letter

Finally, if the job ad requests a covering letter – write one! Just how to write a great covering letter is a topic for another day, so keep your eyes on our blog.

Get into the IT industry

If you take these five tips and improve your CV, you will increase your chances getting the job you want.

Here at AMES we provide the very best IT education in New Zealand. We focus on getting you job-ready, so if becoming a part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world is of interest to you then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.