Since it was unleashed upon the world over 20 years ago, JavaScript has gone through many changes. The language hasn’t always been the most reliable or popular one to code in, but it has seen a huge resurgence in recent years following a few significant advances. 

Here are five awesome things you can do with JavaScript: 

1. Build a remote control for a car

How cool would it be to control an RC car right from your computer? That’s the question the guys over at answered when they set about building a remote controller for a $9 remote control car using Arduino. The results are nothing less than amazing. We wonder how long it will take for someone to apply these same principles to an actual vehicle?

2. Control a video game

In a now semi-internet-famous example, JavaScript allows you to take input commands from web sockets, enabling you to control your favorite games from the internet! What makes things even more fun, though, is giving the entire internet the ability to man the controls! Video game streamers have started pulling this stunt quite often online, and the experience is often chaotic and hilarious!

3. Control a computer

Lot’s of these examples are just for fun, and this one can be too, but it also has some serious positives as far as productivity goes. You can use JavaScript to control essential functions on a PC from just about anywhere. Several developers have even used this to create automation features for their home, ranging from lighting control to AC and sprinkler controls! Systems like these exist for consumers to purchase but usually range in the tens of thousands of dollars to have installed. Using some cheap gear and JavaScript, you can have it essentially for free! 

4. Make art

Team Treehouse created a simple application that allows a user to create art using JavaScript. What’s so special about it, you may ask? Well, for starters, the controls are more advanced than you might at first think. But more importantly, the software allows two people to create drawings simultaneously. This type of collaboration has many different applications, but seeing it being used in such a creative way really opens your eyes to the possibilities.

6. Get Flash on an iPad

Apple has taken a very controversial stand against Flash, famously not supporting the platform on any of its mobile devices, paving the way for the rise of HTML5 and other more open technologies. However, some users still need to use Flash; surely there must be a way to do so? 

Well, using JavaScript, you can

So, what now?

So, as you can clearly see when you think outside the box, there are a huge variety of amazing feats to be pulled off using JavaScript. It’s not all about web development. With some free time, vision, and solid execution, you can get involved in some fascinating projects! 

The only thing left to ask is – what will you do with JavaScript? And where will you learn the skills required for doing so?

Here at AMES, we have 25 years of experience teaching New Zealand’s very best IT minds, and we’d love nothing better than to hear from you too.