According to CareersNZ, there hasn’t been a better time to find employment as a programmer.

Median gross salary levels for web developers in New Zealand sit at around $60,000, with the highest-paid 25% earning up to an average of almost $90,000.

Want more good news? These figures will likely rise as the industry continues to experience growth that just isn’t being matched by the number of qualified workers applying for jobs.

With that said, employers are still looking for highly skilled employees, so if you’re looking to enter the top 25% of earners in the industry you need to be on top of your game.

The top three things that employers look for in a developer are…

1. The ability to solve problems

Working as a web developer is about much more than just being able to program. You’re going to have to be skilled at solving problems.

Unforeseen issues will arise during projects, and all prospective employers like to know that they have people on their team who can handle pressure, address issues and solve them quickly.

The ability to demonstrate that you can think on the go and troubleshoot issues quickly and with a minimum of fuss is really appealing to employers.

2. The ability to communicate

The stereotype of programmers being socially awkward geeky types might have some truth to it.

It’s okay to be a bit reserved but being able to communicate clearly with fellow developers and non-technical people is an absolute must.

You’ll almost always be working as part of a team and your employer has to know that you can step up and work well with others.

There’s also the small matter of communicating with clients. When you deal with a customer either face to face or over the phone, you are effectively representing your employer. How you deal with that client will either reflect well or reflect poorly on them.

3. The ability to learn

A lot of experienced web developers will tell you that the day you begin your first job is the day your real education starts.

The IT sector changes at an incredible pace, and it’s up to you to ensure that your knowledge of the latest skills required is up to scratch.

So, the ability to continually learn is a terrific skill and a must if you’re looking to forge a serious career for yourself in the IT industry.

Employers like to know that their staff take it upon themselves to continually improve their skill set and awareness of the industry, on top of any in-house training they may provide.

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